I have been working in the tourism industry for many years, starting with Carnival Cruise Liners and working for other well know companies such as TripAdvisor in England. All of these experiences allowed me to meet people from different countries and backgrounds and more importantly taught me how to seek quality service for our customers. Currently, trends in the tourism industry are changing, and travelers are looking for tours in which innovation, customization, and attention for small groups are offered. My experience in this industry as a travel expert will provide you with such commitment, and you will sense that your needs have been met by getting the most from us. my passion is to ensure that the time you spend with us is a worthwhile investment  that you will be happy to share with your friends and loved ones when you return home.


Katherine is a travel enthusiast that has been in close contact with all the marvels of South America from a young age. She has lived in Ecuador and Bolivia from where she has traveled the region extensively to experience local cultures that motivated her to present the diversity of South America to the world. Katherine will be glad to assist you in customizing your perfect travel itinerary to any of the South American unique destinations.