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Tourists entering Ecuador must be covered by health insurance

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Ecuador Visitor Health Insurance Requirement

As of February 1, 2018, visitors who go to Ecuador need a public or private health insurance for the time of their stay. The provision, which is part of the Organic Law of Human Mobility, provides that every person entering the country “must have a public or private health insurance for the time of their stay in Ecuador, except for people who move in the border integration zones, as foreseen in the international instruments ratified by Ecuador. “The regulation, based on Decree No. 111, was published on August 3, 2017, to be effective as of February 2018. This The requirement is defined in article 53, numeral 7 of the Organic Law on Human Mobility, and Article 56 specifies the tourist status of the visitor and the obligations that must be met in case of prolonging his stay in the country.

This provision seeks to protect tourists entering the country and, at the same time, will prevent the country from assuming the costs for a health problem of a visitor while the visitor remains in the national territory. The implementation of compulsory travel insurance is a growing tourism trend. In addition to Ecuador, other countries that have implemented this measure are Cuba, Dubai, Russia, Algeria, and Iran.

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