Galapagos Cruises

The most popular way chosen by travelers to enjoy the charms that Galapagos Islands has to offer, in general terms we can divide the Galapagos cruises in four classes: Luxury, First class, Tourist Superior, Tourist, it is important to point out that the visit sites are the same no matter the class of boat chosen, what will vary is the comfort that will be provided on board and the space on the cabins, Luxury Class and First Class boats ensure an experience with high levels of comfort and service, these boats usually have a cruise manager to make sure every detail of the trip is perfect, the Tourist and Tourist Superior boats are smaller boats and therefore with less comfort for passengers, it's common on this class that beds can be bunks, all cabins will have private bathroom and the guide and crew will always do everything possible to make your trip memorable. Regardless of the class you choose, we can assure your experience with the Galapagos cruises will be unique and incomparable.