Cuenca Day Tours
Cuenca, considered the third most important city of Ecuador and declared by Unesco as a World Heritage site, is located at 2,500 meters above sea level, in a valley of the Andes, its privileged situation that makes its average temperature is 15º Celsius, it is located 472 kilometers from Quito and 243 from Guayaquil, the Spanish foundation of Santa Ana de los Ríos of Cuenca (the official name) was on April 12, 1557, settled in the plain formerly called by the Cañari as Guapondelig, which the Incas later named Tomebamba; In it was born the Inca emperor Huayna Capac. Cuenca is also known as the 'City of four rivers' because it is surrounded by four fresh, clean and cold streams, which originate in the Cajas knot and are named Tomebamba, Machángara, Tarqui and Yanuncay. Choose among different Cuenca day tours options to enjoy this charming colonial city.