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Quito, A journey through the center of the world

Quito, A journey through the center of the world

Flanked by volcanic mountains, Quito Center of the World is the capital city of Ecuador and is located high up in the Andes, there are many buildings from the colonial era that make Ecuador’s capital a must in your trip to South America.

Within this beautiful city there is unique geographic location, the actual latitude zero or the middle of the World, Ecuador is named after the equator line. Not far from the Unesco’s regognized downtown of Quito the famous Equatorial Monument can be found, the “Mitad del Mundo”, the center of the world.

In 1736 a French mission made the measurements and came to the conclusion the the latitude 00 ° 00’00 ” can be met exactly on this magical place.

Nowadays a complex can be visited to get the fullest of your visit, The Ciudad Mitad del Mundo (Middle of the World City) is the touristic, cultural, scientific and commercial place. Its architecture is based on colonial style and, currently, has stores where handicrafts from all the Ecuador can be bought; it also has restaurants offering national and international gastronomy – traditional and gourmet. Here you can enjoy the typical and delicious cuy, fritada, ceviche and more. This is the meeting point of the most colorful cultural exhibitions and popular Ecuadorian art, making this small city one of the main tourist attraction in all Continental Ecuador.

On the highlight on the complex is located inside the monument, the Ethnographic Museum, the museum has nine levels, a ground floor and a viewpoint. Its objective is to show the visitor the main reasons why Ecuador is considered as a pluri-national, inter-cultural and multilingual country.

At the middle of the world you can watch many special, almost incredible facts, only explained because of its geographical situation, including:


An egg can be easily balanced over the Equators line. Also, if you walk over it you are at 6’377.397 meters from the Earth´s center, higher than the Himalayas measured from the same point.

Over two Earth’s hemispheres

One person can put one foot on the North Hemisphere and the other at the South`s Hemisphere at the same time. This is the most popular picture tourists take at this place.

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