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Machu Picchu Tours – Discover The Secrets And Treasures Of The Lost City


Machu Picchu Tours

The beautifully preserved ruins of the Inca city of Machu Picchu lies high in the eastern mountains of the Andes in Peru. Machu Picchu sits proudly as one of a handful of Inca sites kept hidden from the Spanish in the sixteenth century. It was spared their destructive plundering and rediscovered in 1911 by Hiram Bingham, a Yale University lecturer and amateur archaeologist.

There are numerous Machu Picchu tours deals to choose from that will allow to explore Peru with an itinerary that takes in several of the world famous attractions that this South American country holds, including the enchanting Machu Picchu site. Your choices for Machu Picchu vacation packages will include a single-day tour to the ruins or multi-day options that take you to other historic and scenic Peruvian locations.

In Peru’s capital, Lima, the past and present blend to create an unforgettable mix of history and culture that make it a perfect destination for an adventure traveler. Machu Picchu tours from Lima are a definite favorite of travelers. Not only do you visit the Lost City, but you’ll stay in beautifully rustic lodges beside the Amazon River, explore the amazing flora and fauna of the Peruvian Amazon, and visit the historical city of Cusco.

The Sacred Valley is a fixture of most Machu Picchu tours and visitors relish the chance to simply and reverently take in the wonder and beauty of its hilltop Pisac ruins. Lake Titicaca, on the Peru-Bolivia border, is another captivating sight to see on a trip to Peru that allows travelers immerse themselves in the culture of the region’s indigenous people who make their homes on the shores and islands of the continent’s largest lake.

Machu Picchu is about 80 km northwest of the charming town of Cusco and many visitors choose to spend a few days exploring Cusco’s other archaeological sites, mountain biking or enjoying the excitement of whitewater rafting. Machu Picchu tours from Cusco generally begin with a picturesque Machu Picchu train ridethrough the breath-taking Urubamba Valley.

The high altitude of Machu Picchu and the lush surrounding territories makes getting there on foot a favorite of hikers. A true Machu Picchu trip follows the lovely Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, a much traveled route where trekkers can view Inca ruins, tunnels and the diverse landscape as they make their way to the Sun Gate, entrance to the Lost City.

An alternative to this popular route is the Salkantay Trek from Cusco to Machu Picchu, a more scenic and less crowded option for the adventurous. You and your fellow explorers will begin each day before dawn, setting out under the care of your watchful and knowledgeable guides. The majestic snow-covered Salcantay Mountains and the fertile Valley of the Apurimac River form the backdrop as you make you way to stunning Humantay Lake.

You’ll make an early arrival at Machu Picchu to learn about its rich history and take cherished photos of the incredible sunrise over the misty ruins. You may then choose to go for a leisurely stroll to take in each vivid aspect of this once wealthy country estate. Machu Picchu’s three main structures are:

  • the Inti Watana – a well-preserved ritual stone linked to the Inca’s astronomical calendar
  • the Temple of the Sun – built on top of a rock of pure granite and marking the highest altitude within the Lost City
  • the Room of the Three Windows – an east-facing lithic structure thought to be connected to the Inca’s devotion to the Sun

Coined “The Lost City”, Machu Picchu now welcomes hundreds of thousands of visitors each year who come here seeking a glimpse of the grandeur and architectural expertise that characterized the Inca Empire centuries ago. Many Machu Picchu tour reviews characterize it as “breathtaking,” “awe-inspiring,” but you truly have to see it to believe it. A journey to Machu Picchu is like a pilgrimage for history buffs. It is a must-see for those who are determined to visit the most intriguing and inspiring places on Earth.

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