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Lima, Gastronomic Capital of South America

Gastronomic Excellence in Miraflores

If Lima is the gastronomic capital of America, Miraflores District is the gastronomic must-visit site of Lima. The gastronomic menu of Miraflores offers great variety and excellent stews of Peruvian food considered one of the most exquisite in the world. Whoever arrives in Miraflores, cannot fail to taste the criolla food, especially for the great diversity of dishes based on fish and seafood, where they combine in an extraordinary way a range of flavors and presentations.

The Ceviche is one of the specialties of Peruvian food, not to be missed in Miraflores. the district offers a tasteful variety of marine food such us ”La Jalea”, the ”tiradito” fish and the shrimp cocktail, among many other presentations. The creole food is not far behind, among the specialties you will find: anticuchos, salted lomo, chicken aji, tacu take, carapulcra, rice with duck, parboiled and much more. On the other hand, Miraflores have desserts very appreciated in every family table, such as the purple mazamorra, the rice with milk, el suspiro a la limena, the delicious picarones and the turron of Doña Pepa. An ideal place to enjoy this culinary experience is the Central Park of Miraflores, a must stop for every visitor.

Chinese food is a very important influence and is part of this gastronomic district. The chifas are places where you can enjoy this culinary variety that in many cases has been fused with Peruvian cuisine, as in the case of chaufa rice and salted noodles.

In addition, there is an evolution of Peruvian food where definitions such as “Novo Andina” cuisine, boost the creativity of young chefs, using Peruvian ingredients, towards the discovery of new presentations that are gradually occupying a place preponderant in the Latin American and world gastronomy. Other terms are also used like “Kitchen Fusion” which results from a constant opening to innovations and the continuous development of new dishes, where the Peruvian ingenuity gives rise to the continuous search for new flavors and presentations.

Restaurant Recommendations in Miraflores

Restaurante Mi Causa
Various preparations around the yellow potato
Av. La Mar 814, Miraflores Lima 18
T: (511) 2226258

Restaurant Punto De Fuego
Skewers of thin spine, anticuchos, take tacus, and saltado
Av. La Mar 1085, Miraflores Lima 18
T: (511) 4414564

Restaurante La Rosa Nautica
Peruvian gastronomy and music, cebiches and tiraditos
Espigon 4, circuito de playas costa verde, Miraflores Lima 18
T: (511) 4450149 T: (511) 4475450

Jafeti Restaurant
Executive Lunch
Calle Cantuarias 151, Miraflores Lima 18
T: (511) 4477915

Restaurante Kaypi
Fresh alternatives for everyone, chef Jimena Larrea
Av. La Mar 825, Miraflores Lima 18
T: (511) 4225957

Percos Restaurante
Sophisticated dishes with variants of jungle cuisine
Calle Elias Aguirre 166, Miraflores Lima 18
T: (511) 2427515
Madeira Restaurant
Peruvian cuisine
Av. Benavides 1761, Miraflores Lima 18
T: (511) 4450127

Restaurante Fiesta Gourmet
A varied menu of lambayecana food
Av Reducto 1278, Miraflores Lima 18
T: (511) 2429009

El Senorio De Sulco
Sophisticated dishes with variants of jungle cuisine
Malecon Cisneros 1470, Miraflores Lima 18
T: (511) 4410183 F: (511) 4410389

Restaurante Eliazar
Sophisticated and surprising cuisine
Av. Banavides 430, Miraflores Lima 18
T: (511) 4350638

El Paraiso Del Sabor S.r.l.
AV 2 de Mayo 183, Miraflores Lima 18
T: (511) 2427222 F: (511) 2427222

Restaurante Portofino
Buffet to the table
C.C. Larcomar, locales 152, 154 y 155, Miraflores Lima 18
T: (511) 4472194

Restobar Jaya
Restaurant ans Bar
Calle Martir Jose Olaya 139, Miraflores Lima 18
T: (511) 4460874

La Dama Juana
Cte. Larcomar Local 502-B, Miraflores Lima 18
T: (511) 2425516

Restaurante Poissonnerie
Criollo buffet with the best of Peruvian food
Malecon de la Reserva 1035, Miraflores Lima 18
T: (511) 2423000

Restaurante Tradiciones El Fogon
Berlin 421, Miraflores Lima 18
T: (511) 2426701

Antigua Anticucheria Tradicion Morena
Miraflores, Miraflores Lima 18
T: (511) 2734973 F: (511) 2734973

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