This is a journey takes us into the endless heart of biodiversity, which extends its fabulous prism of life throughout the Amazon Basin.

The Amazon region of Ecuador locally known as “El Oriente” is formed by the following provinces, from north to south: Sucumbios, Napo, Orellana, Pastaza, Morona Santiago and Zamora Chinchipe. Although the Oriente almost covers half the area of ​​Ecuador, only 4.8% of the population live in this region.

The eastern part of Ecuador forms part of the Amazon basin. The Amazon region, is the largest tropical rain forest world, where more than one third of the fresh water of the earth flows, it possesses a huge biological diversity and many unique species, this ecosystem is full of surprises, not only is each tree very different from the next, but also for each tree there are hundreds of other plant species and animals in constant interaction. the rainforests cover 7% of the Earth’s surface, but provide 50% of Earth’s biodiversity.

In the Amazon region of Ecuador, the climate is warm, humid and rainy and the temperature varies between 23 and 28 degrees Celsius, the region is the habitat of several indigenous ethnic groups and tribes such as Huaorani, Shuar, Ashuar, Kichwa, Siona Secoya, Cofan, Zaparo and Quijos who still lived traditionally, maintaining their customs and traditions. These indigenous groups have lived in the Amazon rainforest for thousands of years keeping their ancestral traditions alive, exhibiting their customs, rituals and wisdom acting as the guardians of the world’s biodiversity and conserving this unique ecosystem for future generations.

The Amazon region of Ecuador with its large protected national park of Yasuní, Cuyabeno wildlife and reserve wildlife, Huaorani Protectorate, Sumaco-Napo Galeras National Park, Limoncocha Biological Reserve and Sangay National Park provide the unprecedented opportunities to discover and experience the magic of the Amazon Rainforest.

Ecuador probably offers one of the best developed infrastructures in the world for tourism in the jungle and in addition to this most of the destinations are accessible within the day trip from Quito.

Whether you are looking for an adventure trip, canoe, raft trips, hikes, the Amazon region of Ecuador is the perfect destination for bird watching, wildlife viewing, adventure, ecotourism programs and Eco-lodges.

The very nature of this jungle realm teaches us that the best way to explore it is through a unique means of transportation: by navigating down the river on a fabulous, state-of-the-art vessel set to explore this truly unique environment.

The inspiring adventure will provide many unexpected, astonishing encounters. We will discover the Yasuní (the largest of Ecuador’s continental National Parks), a wild and untamed realm in the heart of the Ecuadorian Rainforest. We will climb observation towers to enjoy unique perspectives of the forest and explore black water rivers escorted by otters and turtles. We will hike trails learning about the wonderful flora that makes up the eternal green of Ecuadorian Amazonia.

The Amazon region of Ecuador is a special place, unlike most visitor sites in the world, filled with teeming nature and adventure at every turn. There is no telling what you will see or experience. The unexpected is certainly one of its treasures.

Of course, there are constants as well. The Amazon is located in the lowland equatorial tropics. This is a humid environment. Excursions on land usually take place in the mornings and afternoons, as the temperature rises at midday when we will usually be taking R&R aboard the M/V Anakonda Amazon Cruise. Weather is relatively constant throughout the year (we’re on the Equator, so there are no strongly demarcated seasons). It can certainly be hotter in New York or Paris in summer than it ever is in Ecuador’s corner of the Amazon Basin.
This is a rainforest, so rain is a normal occurrence. That’s what makes it so lush and wonderful. Often, showers are short-lived and they actually serve to cool the air, which is always welcome and refreshing.
The insects here are marvelous, colorful, bizarre and unique, just like everything else is… Like most everywhere in the world, you’ll find mosquitoes, but you’ll be pleasantly surprised that for the most part they are manageable with a little repellent from time to time. Remember, this is a very intact ecosystem and birds and other animals take care of maintaining a balanced environment, unlike other more developed parts of the world.
Forest trails can be uneven (a walking stick is helpful if you do not feel that you are sturdy on your feet), and in certain segments, can be muddy or flooded. Good traction state-of-the-art mountain hiking boots might be helpful, but are not the best answer. Usually you are better off with rubber boots (which we provide onboard, as well as waterproof plastic ponchos). By the way, clothes should be lightweight and quick-dry (check out our packing list).

When we say that things are unexpected in the Amazon region of Ecuador, we really mean it. You can’t really know just what you’ll come across. ..there is always something. The environment is, in general, so different from anything most people have witnessed, that living it for the first time can be a deep life-changing experience. Sound is unbelievable. When paddling along one of the winding black-water streams, we invite you to close your eyes and try to take in the plethora of fascinating sounds that fill the air. The sheer mass and diversity of trees, their amazing height, the ground (we also invite you to take a moment and just look under the leaves… it is here where an important part of the secret of what makes the Amazon such a rich and successful ecosystem lies), just enjoy it, let go, feel the spirits of the Amazon region of Ecuador envelope you at every turn.

Passport (and a color copy)
Comfortable walking or tennis shoes
Walking stick (optional)
Several lightweight pants (more than two)
3 or so long and short-sleeved shirts or blouses
Vests with pockets are useful for carrying camera equipment and other accessories.
A windbreaker or sweater for breezy afternoons on deck
Waterproof cotton socks, one pair per day
Small, sturdy umbrella – 1
Shorts – 1 or 2
T-shirts – 3 or 4
Bathing suit
Cotton underwear
Hat or cap
Plastic bottle for water
Sunscreen lotion
A flashlight and extra batteries
Binoculars (available on board as a rental item)
Small waterproof backpack(available on board for purchasing)
Insect repellant
Camera and extra batteries, enough film and memory cards
Personal first-aid kit
Plastic bags for storing wet clothing
Cash – we also accept credit cards on board

On Amazon region of Ecuador try avoiding bright colored or white wear, so as not to distract (or frighten) certain animals. The more camouflaged you dress the better!
Make sure your electronic equipment is at least somewhat waterproof or packed in a waterproof bag or pouch, especially if you plan to use it in the field during excursions.
Try and refrain from speaking loudly when on forest trails or canoe trips.
Try and be as quiet and cautious as possible.
Watch your step and follow the group. Don’t try to get ahead of the guide or tour leader, and don’t lag too far behind.
Always tell your guide if you see something and don’t hesitate to ask questions. That’s what we are here for!
Don’t litter! Bring a backpack or plastic bag in which you can discard plastic, wrappers, paper, or other synthetic waste.
Don’t believe how others have depicted the Amazon Basin in the past! Trust us, we have decades of experience showing people of every walk of life the wonders of the Amazon. We are here with you to not only show you around, but take care of you and make you feel at home!
Take advantage of as many outings as possible… the adventure lies ‘out there’. We guarantee that, given the right conditions, every outing we have chosen on our itinerary is fit to offer unique, astounding experiences… but many factors may influence just how spectacular each outing will be. Don’t be discouraged… we guarantee that our itineraries are designed to bring our guests unforgettable, life-changing experiences.
If you have physical limitations or concerns, don’t hesitate to ask our guides if trails and activities are right for you. Most activities don’t require excessive effort, but please let us know when you are feeling uncomfortable during an outing, or would like to know more about difficulties you may encounter on an outing once you have been explained what it entails.
Don’t hesitate to express your interests to our staff! It is important to us that you make this adventure, your adventure. We have the ability to offer a certain level of flexibility in terms of the alternatives to our daily activities. Although it is not always possible, we will do what we can to personalize your Amazon cruise experience.


Good physical health is required to best enjoy an Amazon River Cruise or Lodge in the Amazon region of Ecuador. Visitor sites are accessible by small, motorized boats, and will possibly require wet landings. Irregular terrain may be present during hikes and daily nature excursions, and embarking and disembarking occasionally requires a degree of physical effort. Hikes may last up to one hour. Travelers do not require malaria and/or yellow fever vaccinations, although they are recommended.


We advise travelers to purchase trip cancellation insurance, in order to reimburse the cost of air tickets and other non-refundable fees incurred during trip reservations in the case of unexpected cancellations. International medical, baggage loss, and airline delay insurance are also recommended. Unfortunately, reimbursements do not apply if you miss your cruise’s departure due to weather-related flight cancellation. Flight cancellation is beyond our control and to maintain proper operation standards we must adhere to our schedules.


M/V Anakonda Amazon Cruise and Manatee river cruise reserves the right to replace the cruise vessel when required (i.e., force majeure or mechanical failure). Should travelers not agree to the adjustment, M/V Anakonda Amazon Cruise and Manatee river cruise reserves the right to cancel the trip, offering a pro-rata refund per cruise night not used or, alternatively, offer credit toward a future cruise onboard M/V Anakonda Amazon Cruise.


A portion of excursions take place within protected areas, and visitors are required to comply with these area’s rules and regulations. Naturalist guides will inform passengers of these rules. M/V Anakonda Amazon River Cruise, represented by its onboard guides, reserves the right to deny disembarkation to any passenger that ignores or violates these regulations.


M/V Anakonda Amazon Cruise and Manatee river cruise requires written notification 30 days prior to departures from travelers requesting specific dietary needs. Every effort will be made to cater to these dietary needs, as long as the products are available in Ecuador